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Within Secured Risks Global all our CPO's are hand picked and trained to the Security Industry Authorities highest standard "Level 3 BTEC Certificate in Close Protection Operations", in compliance with EU law, at our training centre in Northern Ireland by a team of Ex Special Forces Instructors.

Team Leaders are bilingual and compliant with counter surveillance techniques, immediate action drills, anti car jacking, route planning and have emergency medical life saving qualifications.

SRG understands the Clients needs and is adaptable, supported by a current knowledge of Global security threat assessments to achieve the highest standards obtainable within the Industry.

Gold and diamonds West Africa

SRG is a private security company based in the UK specialising in deploying close protection teams to hostile environment areas to secure VIP company executives in the commodity industry who travel to West Africa and require assistance in exportation of precious minerals from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Republic, DRC. We have special Insurance cover in place for Clients travelling to those areas.


The Offer:
We can provide a Turnkey Operation in a seamless exercise to allow illiquid hard assets, both above ground or inground, to become liquid assets for the purposes of entering into a secure Tier 1 Private Placement investment.

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SRG is a collaboration that combines more than 20 years experience of working in Sub Saharan Africa with the exploitation of commodities. We offer frontline, on the ground assistance to investors and agents, providing a new approach to an old problem.

With SRG, we speak the language, understand the country, it's people, customs and above all the inherent concerns when dealing with Africa. SRG, an experienced approach.

  • Services Offered.
  • Risk and threat assessment
  • Ransom and kidnap negotiation
  • FOB transactions
  • Physical commodity collection
  • Collateral security and reception
  • Intermediation
  • Mineral, metal and License verification
  • Armed security and escort.